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Smarter data, better returns.

Combining what people think with how they behave. We blend spending data with surveys for better consumer insights.

Consumer Insights

Consumer Survey Panel

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We’re solving the rampant survey fraud & data quality challenges plaguing market research.

Giving marketers ​smarter data.

SquareKnot’s’ proprietary mobile app captures consumer spending data and allows them to do surveys ensuring:

Real Spending Behaviours =

Shorter surveys & better data quality

Real People =

100% fraud-free sample

Real Insights =

Better models by combining attitudes & actual behaviours

Our smarter data provides a more complete understanding of consumers.​

Surveys alone don't cut it, marketers need consumer intelligence that combines not only what people ​think - but also how they actually behave.

SquareKnot’s panel is a single source for spending, financial health + survey data.

Purchase Transactions

Gain a longitudinal view of spending behaviours and share of wallet insights through panelists’ credit and debit card transactions.

Financial Health Profile

Dive deeper with a full view of panelists’ banking activity, products and investments for a complete understanding of their financial health.


Attitudes & Opinions

Deploy custom surveys to panelists to better understand purchase drivers, customer experience, and more. For greater accuracy, surveys can be triggered in near real-time based on transactions.

We ensure better returns across your research needs.

Ad Attribution​

Custom surveys connected to our consumer spend data to measure ROI and optimize your media plan.

Customer Loyalty & Impact on ​Share of Wallet

Analyze spending trends, where you are gaining/ losing, and understand customer retention drivers through targeted surveys.

Competitive Intelligence

Understand the competitive landscape to identify opportunities for customer acquisition.

Customer Segmentations​

Profile shoppers based on spending habits across categories to provide a far better understanding of your segments.

Services Offered:

  • Verified Sample giving you access to fraud free Canadian panelists.

  • Custom Survey Design & Programing, allowing us to manage the process end-to-end.

  • Behaviour Triggered Surveys to identify respondents based on purchases made in near real-time.

  • Transactional Data capturing spending patterns in a true longitudinal data set.

  • Advanced Analytics helping you build better predictive models on top of our proprietary customer and competitive data sets.
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About Us.

Born out of decades of experience in research agencies large and small, SquareKnot aims to disrupt the market research with higher quality data. Like our name's sake, a knot used to join two lines, SquareKnot specializes in bringing together purchase data and survey data for smarter insights. ​

Run by research industry veterans, we keep things simple - quality sample, solutions and technology unmatched in the industry.

Get in touch.

Whether to discuss a specific need or to simply debate the future of market research, we’re always happy to chat. ​

Toronto & Vancouver, Canada.

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